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Nos Services

Our commitment

An elaborate analysis of your needs

Let us meticulously learn everything there is to know about the specificity of your business or your activities and offer our counsel services. We will help you to secure your installations if necessary and browse through avenues in matter security that will suit your situation. Do you need a surveillance agent? Or would patrol rounds be more adapted? Which approach to promote: dissuasion or persuasion? Which type of staff would deliver the best services to your business? Together, we will choose the best path.

A thoughtful follow-up

We are known for the quality of our follow-ups. We carefully supervise the employees that will be at your service and we offer a round-the-clock availability. We review with you the chosen action plan regularly so that it continues to fit your needs or to see if it needs modification after a previous experience.

One motivated staff

Our staff knows that we secure the loyalty of our customer by the quality of our services. We know that being ourselves careful to the needs and legitimate yearnings of our employees encourages them to surpass themselves.

Our employees receive the training they need in doing their duty. They know they can count on us and reach us any time to let us know about their observations and their concerns relative to your security. Their commitment and their personal initiative are much-valued. It is together that we size your priorities and refine the most adapted action plan to your activities.