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Your safety and your special events, we make it our business.

The staff from G.O. Securité Granby inc. can respond to your concerns in security issues and give you support with special events holding. With his 20 years of experience in security and special event logistic, Georges-Émile St-Onge has to his disposal a versatile team made up of men and women accustomed to a varied clientele and will know how to give you the necessary peace of mind needed for your booming business, or to the tidy holding of your special events.

The strength of services that we offer lays on our concern on well understanding your needs and putting to your disposal the most qualified staff to meet your expectations, which may be tasks based on monitoring or requiring an ease to intervene with various public.

We meet client demands of diverse line of business :

  • Government sector (courthouse - courtroom and jurymen supervision -, hospitals, schools, office buildings, CSST, Hydro-Quebec, custody supervision, etc.)
  • Industrial sector (factories, construction site surveillance, etc.)
  • Commercial sector (shopping centers, private businesses, banks, alarm systems response, etc.)
  • Special events (city parks, sidewalk sales, big tops tents, exhibitions, parking areas, concerts and shows, etc.)
  • Others (recovery companies, fires, moving, preventive patrol, municipal court, hotels/motels, etc.)

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