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Nos Services

Our field of expertise

Law enforcement

We all know how true it is that the opportunity tempts the thief and that it doesn't take much to let room to delinquency. To counter such temptations, we assure a visible presence in a number of line of business: shopping centers, parks, hotels, schools, recreation centers, music venues or dance venues. Our mobile patrols or our on-site agents make possible to avoid gatherings that could get out of hand.


We make sure that your business prosperity doesn't get compromised by vandalism or thefts. We are very present on construction sites, printing-houses and stores.

Whether it's a matter of visible surveillance (in booth for example, at building entrances or near cash counters ) or more quiet (to counter shoplifting), we are there to protect your property and your goods.


We are very proud to collaborate with official justice duties. City courts request our services. We are present in courthouses. Our staff excels in jurymen accompaniment and in custody surveillance.

Special events

Holding special events (exhibitions, public celebrations for example) require you to be at the stove and at the mill at the same time? Let us offer our logistic skills. Our customers are there to testify on the reliability of our services supervised by an experienced manager.

Planning, agent choice, flexibility in mandate execution as well as staff versatility makes mister Saint-Onge a sure ally for an organization as ours.
- General director from the Salon de l'Agriculture

Ad-hoc services

Happy events (banquets, tournaments) or rather unfortunate ones (fire, bankruptcy, recovery) can require our services for a short amount of time. We will be there to secure the site and avoid outbursts.